Ten Million! That is the number of different colours that we can distinguish. No wonder we can not remember colours well enough to identify a particular shade. However, the quality criterion "colour" is becoming more and more important in every industry. Uniform colour influences customers' likes and dislikes. This is of particular importance when the individual components of the final product are manufactured at different company sites, or even more complicated when several suppliers are involved .


Colour harmony has a major influence on the impact of perceptual quality on a product and thus, plays a key role in the purchasing decision. For objective colour control solid colours are measured by single angle spectrophotometers whereas effect finishes require multi-angle spectrophotometers that simulate different viewing angles and lighting conditions.

BYK-Gardner colour spectrophotometers help you to achieve the right colour in just about any paint, coating or plastics colour application. Whether you need to control the colour of injected moulded interior automotive parts, metallic automotive body panels, or laptop housings, BYK-Gardner has the colour instrument for your application

For visual colour assessment use of a light booth allows to see what the product will look like under different lighting conditions in a controlled environment. 

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Colour plays a significant part in brand awareness and it is vital that the brand colour or colours be consistent.

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  1. CyberChrome (USA) | Colour QC and Matching Software. Since 1986 CyberChrome color experts have specialized in writing color quality control (QC) and computer color matching software (formulation). Our OnColor Suite of software works with most color spectrophotometers in use today.
  2. VeriVide (UK) | Colour and visual assessment equipmentDesign, development and manufacture of highly specialised colour and visual assessment equipment, wherever this is critical to product quality and consistency.
  3. VMA-GETZMANN (DE) |  innovative dispersing and fine milling systems Dissolvers, vacuum dissolvers, bead mills, basket mills, homogenisers and stirrers for laboratory, pilot plant and production More Information
  4. Torayceram (Japan) | grinding media the ultimate media for achieving optimum grinding efficiency and colour development.
  5. Natural Color System *NCS (SE) | colour systemBy explaining how colour is perceived visually, independent of surface, pigments or light, NCS has made it possible to pinpoint over 10 million colours.