University Associate - Curtin University Australia
Life Member of the Colour Society of Australia
AIC Executive Committee - President 2017 - 2018
AIC Executive Committee - Vice-President 2014 - 2016
AIC Executive Committee - Treasurer 2010 - 2013
AIC Executive Committee - Member 2005 - 2009
Chair of the AIC 2009 Congress

Nick Harkness has been actively involved with colour measuring instrumentation and colour order systems for thirty years with BYK Gardner GmbH, Konica Minolta, VeriVide Ltd, and the Scandinavian Colour Institute.

He runs regular seminars on Colour Measurement, NCS colour system and Colour Theory for industry particularly automotive, building products, food, paint, plastics and white goods.

Seminars have been run in Australia, Germany, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand and UK for more than 1000 participants.

He has taught the Measurement of Light and Colour at the University of New South Wales for the School of Optometry and Vision Science. He has also taught the Natural Colour System at the Sydney Design Centre, Sydney Technical Institute, Enmore.

In 2003, he attended NCS—Natural Colour System of Sweden intensive one week summer school.

Nick has presented many papers to Australian and International Colour Conferences including that run by The Linnean Society in London in 2003 where Nick was invited to open the meeting and to be a guest editor.