Appearance measurement for the paint, coatings, ink or plastic industries.
Quality Control procedures and Instrumentation for colour, visual, appearance and physical testing.

Uniform appearance is an important quality criterion of multi-component products which are made by various suppliers. The appearance of opaque products is described by terms such as gloss, distinctness of image, orange peel, haze and mottling, while transparent materials are characterised by their transmission properties being total transmittance, transmission haze and clarity.

BYK-Gardner offers objective measurement solutions to guarantee reliable quality control: 

Technical Paper by Gabi Kigle-Bockler, available to download for free:
Colour and Gloss Control of Automotive Interior Parts Gabi Kigle-Böckler, BYK-Gardner

Dry Coating & Plastic Testing

Instrumentation to evaluate the physical properties of dry paint film is included in this category.

Equipment to test for abrasion resistance, adhesion, flexibility, coating thickness, hardness, drying time, water permeability and impact resistance is available. Microscopes available from BYK-Gardner are part of this section. The impact testers for impact resistance of plastic materials are also included.