NHPL run a wide variety of specially designed seminars for companies and their suppliers, run with our very successful one day seminars or we can work with you in designing a seminar to suit your company’s requirements. Most recently seminars were held at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation atthe University of Melbourne plus Defence Science and Technology


The intensive seminars will provide an insight into the influence of colour, the problems associated with visual colour perception and association of colour with quality.

To gain the full benefits of colour measurement and visual colour assessment it is important that one understands the inter-relationship between the two techniques and also fundamental colour theory.


Have everyone talking the same colour language! Colour communication between colleagues, suppliers and customers is vital in increasing productivity and decreasing rejected batches saving a lot of money.

Both visual colour assessment and instrumental colour measurement play an integral part in controlling colour quality in a wide range of industries. Quality control is a vital part of the manufacturing process in any industry. The demand for colour and appearance harmony is of a high order to endorse the perceived quality of a product.

“Easy to understand: made a very difficult topic understandable for us ‘non-colour’ professionals and was totally applied to our industry” 

A Symons Heinz Australia, In House Seminar


In-house seminars can be crafted to suit a company’s particularly colour training requirements and can focus on colour issues in the design, marketing and production environments. The sessions enhance colour understanding and importantly help communication between different departments within a company.


  • A greater understanding of the colour theory for colour measurement and quality control.

  • Develop the skills needed to systematically arrange, describe and communicate the properties of colours.

  • An understanding of 3D Colour Space and Equations.

  • The aim of the workshop is to increase your awareness on what influences visual colour assessment.

  • An understanding of surface appearance theory and measurement techniques.

  • Better colour communication between colleagues and suppliers resulting in less time lost due to misunderstanding in relation to specifications and design briefs.


  • Colour Order

  • Colour Terminology

  • Colour Combinations

  • Influences of Colour

  • Light and the eye 

  • Surface Appearance

  • Colour Vision

  • Visual Colour Assessment

  • Colour Measurement and Mathematics

  • Instruments for Measuring Colour

  • Colour Quality Control Procedures

  • Colour Space

  • CIE Lab, CMC, de 2000


A detailed course manual NCS© colour exercises NHPL colour exercises Colour education posters 

We are currently working on our seminar programme and will be expanding our choice of workshops and seminars.

Purchase Colour Science Posters

This set comprises four A3 size wall posters illustrating the CIE L*a*b* diagram, Metamerism, Different Colour Difference Equations, CIE L*a*b* Equations, Different Measuring Geometries and the CIE Colour Wheel compared to the Perceptual Colour Wheel. The posters have been designed as a ‘quick’ graphical reference to often asked colour measurement questions