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Ten Million! That is the number of different colours that we can distinguish. No wonder we can not remember colours well enough to identify a particular shade. However, the quality criterion "colour" is becoming more and more important in every industry.

Uniform colour influences customers' likes and dislikes. This is of particular importance when the individual components of the final product are manufactured at different company sites, or even more complicated when several suppliers are involved.


Our Seminars

Nick Harkness runs a wide variety of specially designed seminars for companies and their suppliers, run with one of our very successful one day seminar programmes or we can work with you to design a seminar to suit your company’s requirements. 

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Technical Colour Consultancy

Colour plays a significant part in brand awareness and it is vital that colours are consistent when it comes to branding and manufacturing procedures.

Understanding how to define and maintain consistent colour is crucial. Nick Harkness has over 40 years experience in colour and quality control procedures across a vast array of industries that includes fashion, automotive, building and construction, food, packaging and many more. » Our Services

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Nick Harkness launches new online colour theory course in collaboration with Professor Stephen Westland Professor of Colour Science, School of Design, University of Leeds.

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Our Services

Nick Harkness offers Technical Colour Appearance Consultation and Contract Colour Measurement Services for the manufacturing and design industries


The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.

— John Ruskin



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