Technical Colour Consulting

Understanding how to define and maintain consistent colour is crucial. Nick Harkness has over 40 years experience in colour and quality control procedures across a vast array of industries that includes fashion, automotive, building and construction, food, packaging and many more

Surface appearance and colour measurement service

We offer remote or onsite colour and appearance testing of effect coatings using the BYK-mac i multi-angle spectrophotometer that simulates different viewing angles and lighting conditions.

Digital Colour Measurement on small parts

We offer remote colour measurement service for samples that are impossible to measure, this could be due to the shape and smallness of size of the sample.

solid colour measurement service

We offer remote or onsite solid colour and appearance testing service using the new generation BYK Gardner spectro2guide d/8 with SPIN, SPEX, Fluorescence Index and 60 degree gloss measurement on small or large scale projects.