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ncs colour

NCS, Natural Colour System is a logical colour system which builds on how the human being sees colour. Colour is what we see, a subjective visual sensation. To characterise a colour you therefore have to describe what you see. How the colour is mixed, as well as the measurement data, is necessary for production, but to communicate with the customer you need a system in the way people see colours. A notation represents a specific colour percept and says nothing about what pigments, lights rays or nerve signals that have been given rise to this perception. This makes it possible to describe the colours of all surface materials and ensure that the colours turn out exactly as you want them to

NCS Design tools help you choose, define, and communicate your colour concept. Their products are built to support the design process, simplify colour communication, and ensure the correct colour choice. From the design stage through to the finished concept or product.

The NCS system is used by architects, designers, and material manufacturers, the colour industry, product manufacturers, and retailers the world over.



VeriVide is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of specialist lighting and imaging equipment for fast and accurate assessment - both digital and visual - of colour and appearance.

The VeriVide programme includes a range of colour assessment cabinets and booths and other visual assessment equipment, complemented with systems to enable improved quality, colour conformity and efficiency throughout the supply chain to the point-of-sale.

VeriVide systems are proven highly successful in the textile and apparel sectors, where global sourcing of component manufacture has increased the need to assure colour and finish consistency.

VeriVide customers range from multinationals to small enterprises in sectors including textiles and apparel, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, print and graphics.


TORAYCERAM™ products are high-performance fine ceramic products created using advanced Toray technology. Made from high-quality, high-performance materials, especially zirconium, they are used in a wide variety of advanced applications, including grinding and dispersion, sensors and semiconductors.

Cyber Chrome

Colour QC and Matching Software. Since 1986 CyberChrome colour experts have specialised in writing colour quality control (QC) and computer colour matching software (formulation). Our OnColor Suite of software works with most colour spectrophotometers in use today.